Public Land - Why Care?

Public land - everybody uses it, why is it not discussed more? 

That city dog park you went to last week? Public land. The mountain you climbed yesterday in the National Park? Public land. The lake or river where you caught your first fish? You guessed it.

You'd probably be hard pressed to name someone you know that does not use public lands in one way or another. I know I can't. Children play in them, animals live in them, cities exist because of them. Our country, and world, are vast. Thousands and thousands of square miles of land untouched by human hands except for some upkeep. 28% of the US is public land. 

These untouched lands are a doorway into a different life. By living in the United States, this land is yours. Even if you don't value things like hiking, hunting, bird watching, or fishing, stepping through these doorways gives you perspective and a chance to disconnect. One can observe, appreciate, the billions of years it has taken to create what we see on earth today. Humans are along for the ride with the world around them, let's do what we can to make it more enjoyable for us all.



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