Intro to Earth Clothing

Why is Earth Clothing a thing? Well, you could just say we just love the outdoors - and you'd be right. But wait, there is more! Now, continue only if you're bored (or are actually interested).

Nature is a linchpin keeping untold amounts of people alive in this world. Whether it supports an economy via tourism or literally keeps people alive via crops to farm and animals to hunt, almost everyone on this planet values nature in one way or another. If you're just having one of those days and need to escape, you know it's there so you can embrace the peace. That stable environment creates a space for people who otherwise experience turbulence and uncertainty day in and day out.


Anyways, this is a blog post, let's keep 'er short. We need to protect and grow what we have - our public lands, our endangered species, our ability to push back and say "No" when a corporation wants to build a mine in one of the worlds most important watersheds (Pebble Mine anyone).

The earth is losing natural resources day by day, hour by hour. I know selling a shirt or hat will not change the world single-handedly, but it is one of the best ways we know to use our knowledge and skills to help grow and protect the world we love.


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